3822 News Archive

26th June 2001

Work has continued on the boiler cladding, this is now all in place. The slide-bars have been set-up and the crossheads metalled and machined to suit, these will be fitted once a final coat of paint has been applied. The big-end bearings are now completed and fitted in the rods, ready for fitting to the engine when the crossheads and pistons are in place.

22nd April 2001

Most of the cladding is now in place, although some final bolting is required. The backhead fittings are in place, the most obvious bits to finish this are the regulator and other handles. Work has continued on the smokebox fittings, big end bearings and cross head pins.

25th March 2001

A view of the smoke box, the tube plate can clearly be seen along with starting from the top, the regulator box, steam pipes and superheater header. At the bottom can be seen the exhaust, with out the blast pipe fitted. At the moment the steam pipes from the superheater to the cylinders are not fitted.

9th March 2001

As can be seen the backhead fittings are being fitted, and when as soon as possible the cab roof will be fitted. It is hoped that over the Easter period the cladding will be fitted, making the engine look almost complete again. For details about the cab controls look here.

19th January 2001

The regulator rod is now tidied up and installed. The regulator valve was fitted and the cover fitted on the box, then the superheater header. Also finished, cladding the cylinder block and the back of the firebox. The plans are to install the steam pipes, set the slidebars, metal and machine the crossheads. Cladding the barrel will also commence as soon as we get some cladding

17th December 2000
The new pistons have now arrived at Didcot, they are seen here with the crossheads and the cotters that secure them together. 3822 needed new pistons as the cylinders have been re-bored, making the old pistons to small.

10th December 2000

3822 has now had a steam test, and its overhaul should be completed next year.

6th September 2000

The boiler has now been re-united with the frames, and the ash pan fitted, see Fitting the Boiler to 3822 for further details.

1st September 2000


 The boiler, which can be seen here on a boiler trolley out side the locomotive works at Didcot, has now been steamed out of the frames and should shortly be reunited with the ash pan and placed back in the frames. Both of the operations will be carried out using the 50t hoist in the lifting shop, making life easy for us as we can do it when we want, not when we can get a road crane in. Repairs have also been done to the inner smokebox door, which needed the bottom half of it replacing.

Work has also been continuing on fittings, the ones visible in this picture include the blowdown valve, on the bottom of the boiler, for draining it, and the gauge frame (see footplate controls). The cab roof has also had some attention, including a full repaint as this will also be able to be replaced shortly after the boiler is back in the frames, then most of the cladding will also go back and the engine will start to look complete again.

2nd June 2000

The frames are nearing completion, with most of the motion in place, just awaiting new pistons before fitting of the cross heads and connecting rods. Most pipe work bellow the boiler is now back in place, the rest awaiting fitting of the boiler before it can be done.

3822's boiler has passed it's hydraulic exam at Didcot, following major work at the Severn Valley Railway, which included patches on the back corners and removing the foundation ring to repair grooving round the firebox. Work is now continuing to get the boiler ready for it's steam test, and to be placed back in the frames. It is hoped that 3822 will be running again later this year.