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5th November 2005

The left hand tank has been rotated several times to allow work to be done on it, this has included putting holes in the floor for the drain and pipe for the injector feed pipes to pass through. The final rivets were fitted today, this now means that the end is very close for the first tank, after only 7 years! Work should now progress on the right hand tank.

23rd July 2005

The left hand tank is now on its side to allow access to some areas that could not be finished while the tank was on the frames, this will mean we should be able to complete the tank soon.

We have taken delivery of new cab window frame castings, these will be machined as required when we have time, then glass will be obtained. At the same time window frames to replace the ones borrowed for 4144 from 6106, which are the same as 7202's, will also be machined.

New sandbox lids have been received from the foundry, these have now been fitted to the engine. We have looked carefully at many photographs and found that the chain securing the sandbox lid is on the outside on these engines, so we have fitted them this way, not the more common way with the chain on the inside.

11th February 2005

Work on the second tank has progressed with the bottom angle now riveted to the sides where the water goes, the rest of its length will be riveted at a later stage when the tank is of the frames. All the of the vertical strengthening angles are now in position, and some have been riveted in place, Work has now started on fitting the top angle, this is the next item to be riveted. The baffles have all been removed from the old tank and will be cut out of new material soon.

We now have taken delivery of the final sets of cylinder cocks, these will be fitted when the cylinder cladding is finished.

3rd December 2004

The second tank has been started, the old one is now partially dismantled to obtain the parts that are to be re-used. The floor and outside of the new tank are in position, ready for many more holes to be drilled, then filled again with rivets.

Work has continued on setting the slide-bars, with preparation work also being done on the cross-heads which will need re-metalling and machining. All the piston-relief valves have been completed, the rear pair are fitted to the back cylinder covers.

10th May 2004

The cab roof had a trial fitting to check alignment with the new tank and bunker, before the remaining tank was removed to be dismantled. As the weather was good it was decided to get some pictures. See the tank for another view.

7202 with roof

Work has been continuing on the first tank, the top is now fully riveted, and work has now started on the last part, which is to replace the bottom 12" on the back of the tank. Some holes have been cut in to the old tank, these show that the drivers side tank is in better condition than the fireman's side, although the outside and floor still both need replacing.

Work is also continuing on obtaining the correct style steam fountain, and other fittings.

25th January 2004

Work has continued on the top of the left hand tank, a start has been made on riveting the top on in the traditional manner, this has meant working in spaces only 11 inches wide!

The right hand tank was put on the frames, having made a cradle to wheel it to the engine, this meant that we were not held up by other locomotives. As soon as possible the cab roof will be put in place to check some measurements, then the second tank can be dismantled ready for rebuilding.

20th September 2003

Work has progressed on the top of the tank with all the plate being cut to shape and the many holes being drilled. We want to put the original right hand tank on the engine to prove the alignment of the new tank before finishing it, but this will have to be delayed as we cannot get 7202 moved due to building work and  the fact that 5322 can not be moved. It is hoped that when Pendennis Castle is re-wheeled there will be enough room to get the tank to the engine, rather than the engine to the tank.

20th June 2003

The rear section of the tank has now been riveted in place and a start made on construction of the top, once this is done the last sections can be welded in to place. Work on getting the slide bars set has started, this will enable us to look at re-metalling and machining the crossheads.

25th March 2003

The tank now has the inside bolted on, this will need riveting, the bottom of this piece was very wasted, and will be replace with a welded section. The top is the last major item to be made, at this point working inside becomes even more uncomfortable. While this is progressing we are also looking at the cylinder cocks, cylinder covers and vacuum pipes. Both sets of valves are now fitted, along with their covers, we have also fitted one of the rocker arms, the other is requires new bushes machined for it.

8th November 2002

Work is continuing on the side tanks, with more holes being drilled, then filled with rivets, mainly in the cab area, in preparation for the inside of the tank to be fitted. As much work as possible is being done with out the inside of the tank being fitted so that access is easy, when it goes on there will be very little room. Work is also progressing on some of the vacuum system and the cylinder cladding.

23rd June 2002

Yesterday saw the cleaning finished on one off the valves, this was reassembled, with new valve spindle sleeves, and fitted back to 7202.

Valve ring being cleaned for re-fitting

Cleaning of the valve head, all the parts that go to make one valve head can be seen, as there are two heads per side there are quite a few parts to the valves alone.

Valve ready for fitting 

The valve has been re-assembled, one of the sleeves is visible closest to the camera. It may look like a weight lifting device and is heavy enough, but honestly it is a valve!

 Valve fitted

The valve in its correct place, the cover is yet to be fitted.


1st June 2002

After a slow down on 7202 to get locomotive 3822 back in steam the work rate has increased on 7202 again. At the moment work is concentrating on the fireman's side tank, cylinder cladding and valves. There is still much to do, many fittings still need to be acquired and then machined, finishing 1 tank and then starting the second, all of the motion needs checking, machining if required and fitting, all of the pipe work needs making/fitting, and the boiler completing. For details of what has already been done see the restoration pages.

Those of you that have been to Didcot may well have noticed that 7202's boiler seems to have gone, it is currently on 5322 to use a a pattern to make the cladding for 5322, allowing work to continue on both the 53's boiler and frames at the same time. For further information about 5322 see the unofficial GWS site.