4144 in 1998 being prepared to go to London Underground's Steam on the Met. Just visible under the running plate are the 2 air pipes fitted for the event to work air braked stock.


5 pannier tanks lined up on Didcot's ash pit, 9466, 9600, 3738, 1369 & 6412, June 2000


Castle 5051 'Earl Bathurst', 1338 and 6412 seen outside Didcot engine shed, May 2000


 In the summer of 1998 92203, Black Prince, came to visit Didcot, seen here under the control of Mr. Gadd.

A tractor unit from Swindon works, with a selection of trailers, including one specially for carrying boiler tubes.

08 604 on Didcot's turntable, freshly painted in the livery carried when based at Tysley


As part of the Didcot 2000 event in May/June 2000 when there were over 2000 engines at Didcot there were some very good models, these being just 2 of them. The top picture is of a 5" gauge 72xx, while the lower is a 5" gauge Bulldog, complete with all the correct detail in the cab.


All photographs ©Mark Baldry