Heavy Freight Group

The Heavy Freight Group, part of the GWS, was formed to restore 3822 to working order, as at the time most people wanted to work on the passenger engines. Having restored 3822 attention was turned to 7202, and work is now being done on both engines.

Funds to restore both engines come from donations, sponsorship and sales, if you wish do do either of the first two, please contact the heavy freight group via webmaster@baldric.plus.com or Didcot Railway Centre. Sales items can be purchased from the Heavy Freight Group shop at Didcot, which is open most steam days. Items for sale include the ordinal preservation T-shirts and sweat shirts, pens, pencils, postcards, donated items and an extensive collection of second hand magazines. A donation box can also be found along side 7202's boiler in the works at Didcot.

As well as helping financially you can also help with the work, it doesn't matter what skill you do have there are always jobs that can be done, or you could work on other projects at Didcot. How do you get involved, easy, join the Great Western Society at Didcot and come down, there are people working at Didcot most weekend who will be able to put you in touch with us if we are not there.

As well as being a working group at Didcot the Heavy Freight Group, also known as The Mob, do meet up outside of Didcot, even occasionally in public houses where subjects of the day are discussed in a quiet manner, accompanied by several diet cokes! If we are feeling particularly tired after a hard days work at Didcot, you may well find us sat doing a jigsaw, as we are well known for this sort of thing.